We conduct workshops that will teach students how they can make their own soap bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, body butter, lip care products, and whipped soaps. Our main idea is to create products that will promote nautral beauty. India has been a hub for beauty for hundreds of years. We have a home remedy for almost every skin and hair concern. Our grandmothers can make more face masks than any other big skincare brand. In between all the new beauty brands and drugstore products, we are forgetting the roots of Indian beauty which is staying true to NATURAL BEAUTY.

By teaching students how to create skincare brands that are natrural and most importantly cruelty-free, we care for every being and hence we are determined to create products that do not harm any being. This is what sets our workshops apart from all other platforms because we provide complete transparency to our customers.

Soap Studio is mentored by Eiraa, a beauty and skincare brand which is determined to create natural bathing and skincare products.

Eiraa was started by Manali Kawale, she wanted to create safe skincare products that are natural and closure to nature for women.

Manali used to make these products at her home as a part of her hobby but later decided to turn her hobby into her passion. Soon after Eiraa, she decided to start Soap Studio India.

Her main aim for starting Soap Studio India was to empower women in India. To teach women how they can make their own income by simply learning beauty & cosmetic business and to inspire women around the country to become independent and gain their financial freedom by exploring the beauty world as their career path.

Learning with Soap Studio India

Soap Studio India offers a huge variety of workshops that will give you an insight into how you can make almost every skincare product. We are not only teaching students how they can make their products but also how they can use different herbs, natural ingredients, essential oils, and fragrances according to what product they want to curate. We teach you about how every product can be used at its finest so that gets you the best results. We also discuss the packaging and profit-making of these products so that our students are not only making products but also learning how to market them. We are not focused on just learning but only on the financial independence of women and youngsters that are attending our workshop as see our mentorship as an opportunity to achieve their dreams.